The Brewers at B&J’s Hand Crafted Ales are constantly coming up with new Ideas for beers. Along with our beer we have selected some great beers from around the Costal Bend, Texas and abroad to keep us on our toes. Stay posted on Facebook for our next Tap takeover, Cask Night, Brewery Tour, Collaboration, and Food Pairing Events. Also join our beer club after a 1000 beers we will make a batch specifically for you to enjoy.

B&J’s Hand Crafted Ales


Style: American Blonde
Profile: Approachable and easy drinking with a mellow malt backbone and mild hop aroma. A go to for those new to craft beer.
Pairings: Italian grinder, Buffalo wings and The Nibbler.
Ingredients: American 2-Row, Carmel 45, Carmel, 60, Cara-Foam, Pearle Hops for Bittering and Crystal Hops for flavor and Aroma.

Hairy Porter

Style: English Brown Porter
Profile: A full bodied dark ale with a bold rich malty back bone with hints of toffee, espresso & dark chocolate.
Ingredients: English 2-Row, Roasted Barley, Cara-Foam, Chocolate Malt, and Cascade Hops for both bittering and Flavor
Pairings: All Meat Pizza, Meatball Sandwich, and BB-Q Wings.


Style: Bavarian Hefeweizen
Profile: A refreshing and effervescent German wheat beer with hints of clove, bubble gum, and banana. Great to beat the Texas heat.
Ingredients: English 2-Row, German Wheat, and Saaz Hops
Pairings: Polynesian Pizza, Triple Decker Club, and Sweet Chili Wings

Nordstrom Cider

Style: Sparkling Dry English Cider
Profile: An extremely crisp refreshing slightly tart Dry English Cider. Delicious!
Ingredients: Several varieties of Apple Juices with a 10% addition of Raspberry and Cranberry Juice
Pairings: California Veggie, Chef Salad with Grilled Chicken, and Salt and Pepper Wings.

Blood Orange IPA

Style: IPA
Profile: Hazy with lots of orange aroma. Sitting at 6.05% ABV this super citrusy IPA is hopped with our centennial and cascade blend. A great beer for those suffering from scurvy. Not a sufficient source of vitamin C.
Ingredients: Rahr 2-Row, Caramel 70, Caramel 45, Carafoam and Centennial for bittering flavoring and aroma, Blood oranges
Pairings: Mango Habanero wings, Portabella Burger.

Coffee Porter

Style: English Porter
Profile: This porter was engineered to keep you going all night. With enough coffee to wake the dead sitting at 8.02% ABV this black as night porter has a bold coffee flavor with a chocolate finish.
Ingredients: Crisp 2-row, Cold brew Coffee Concentrate, Roasted Barley, Cara-Foam, Chocolate Malt, and Cascade Hops for balance and flavor.
Pairings: BB-Q Wings, Polynesian Pizza, We don’t serve Donuts!!

Centennial I.P.A

Style: English I.P.A
Profile: This is a very approachable I.P.A it has 100% Centennial hops from start to finish. Mildly bitter with some citrusy notes but not over the top hop’s to the face accompanied by a nice caramel backbone.
Ingredients: Rahr 2-Row, Caramel 70, Caramel 45, Carafoam, and Centennial Hops for bittering, flavoring, and aroma.
Pairings: Jack’s Special, Ruben Sandwich, and Jack’s Wings.

Vic’s Poteet Strawberry Blonde AleSummer Seasonal

Style: Fruit/Vegetable Ale
Profile: This is our 2X4 Blonde Ale as a base beer with fresh Poteet strawberries (from the strawberry capitol of Texas a little town called Poteet!) Added during the boil and in the kegging process.
Ingredients: American 2-Row, Carmel 45, Carmel, 60, Cara-Foam, Poteet Strawberries Pearle Hops for Bittering, and Crystal Hops for flavor and Aroma with
Pairings: Goes well with another Vic’s Poteet and pretty much anything on the menu!

Shandy – Summer

Style: A Beer cocktail
Profile: A summer seasonal. This beer is super refreshing. A mildly sweet and citrusy blend of our wit bier and lemonade. Great to drink long into the afternoon.
Ingredients: 2-Row, Wheat, Spice blend, Lemonade
Pairings: House Special, Buffalo Wings, Torpedo

Sunshine Wit – Summer

Style: Wit Bier
Profile: a summer seasonal. This light crisp beer has a wheat base and a spice blend of coriander peppercorn and orange peel. This beer has a low hop presence. Will brighten up your day and your glass.
Ingredients: Wheat, 2-Row, Spice Blend, and Saaz Hops

Octoberfest – Fall Seasonal

Style: Octoberfest Ale
Profile: Our fall seasonal refreshing, malty, and delicious with the herbaceousness of German noble hops.
Ingredients: Crisp 2-Row, Wyermann Munich, CaraFoam, Caramel 70, and Hallertauer Mittelfrueh Hops.
Pairings: We feature a Bratwurst for the entire month of October Try it, B&J’s Original, and the Ruben.

Pecan Pie PorterHoliday Seasonal

Style: Fruit/Vegetable Beer
Profile: A robust English brown style porter with hints of coffee, smoky roasted pecan and toffee. A Great choice as a growler fill to enjoy with Thanksgiving dinner.
Ingredients: Crisp 2-row, Cara foam, Chocolate Malt, Dark Candy Sugar in house oven roasted Pecans, and Cascade hops for a little bitterness.
Pairings: The Super, Portabella Burger, and Chef Salad with turkey and Raspberry Vinaigrette.

Big FAT Delicious!Winter Warmer!

Style: Scottish 80/ Schilling Wee Heavy
Profile: A strong malt driven ale with kettle caramelization and dark candy sugar flavors and a bready quality with just enough noble hops up front and in the back to round it out.
Ingredients: Crisp- 2-Row, Caramel-120, Special B, Dark Candy Sugars, Cara-foam and Fuggle Hops up front bor balancing bitterness and on the back aroma.
Pairings: Tex-Mex, Depth Charge, and Plain wings with Honey Mustard for Dipping.