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We at B&J’s Hand-Crafted Ales pride ourselves in providing the very best draft beer we can conjure up. In 2019 we kicked off our “Small batch Saturday” program. This ensured like Clockwork we would create a new beer every 3rd Saturday of the month. We did just that. We got great feed back from our patrons and have continued this into 2020. Some of these have already been placed into our standard rotation. Every beer tells a story here are some of the beers you may have missed. Cheers!

B&J’s Hand Crafted Ales


Wall IPA:

Our first ever New England Style IPA. Was a evolution of our Lost Bait Rye IPA brewed back in 2018. We modified our grain bill a bit loaded it up with a ton more hops and POW the Wall-IPA was born. This beer is juicy Nice Hazy finish. Perfect kick start to our S.B.S. selects. Hops: Belma, Mossaic, Perle, Fuggle 6.18%abv


Chocolate Orange Stout:

We were trying to imagine one of those Chocolate Oranges you get in your stocking at Christmas time. Subtle sweetness with a nice dry, light bitter finish. We hit the marks and more. This beer has awesome aroma that will sit by your chimney with care even in February. 5.65%abv


Critical Hit NIPA:

After brewing the Wall IPA we thought to ourselves. Hazys are fun so we thought we would roll the dice again. 6.5% abv Hops: Casscade, Mosaic,Citra


Eureka Pills:

Our first ever Lager ever brewed at B&J’s. This Chezch style Lager was Crisp, Clean, and more than a little Hoppy. A memorable batch to say the least. 4% abv


Confirm The Crit:

If your a fan of the Critical hit you have to give this one a try. We turned this one up to Notch. not only did we hit 9.5% ABV. we also double dry hopped with. Casscade, Mosaic,Citra

Rhubarbarrian Berliner:

As a child my Grandmother Betty Mathews raised seven children on a bartenders salary in Walker Iowa. Granny would make us tons of Rhubarb pies and Cobblers. I went searching for a beer style to pair this delicious tart fruit with. We found Berliner Weisses!!! This Tart Germanic style wheat beer was the perfect for an alcoholic tribute to Granny! *this was one of our Entries for World beer Cup 2020 4.46%abv


Fluffernutter Sweet Stout:

Chris Baker asked us one day to model a beer after a Fluffernutter sandwich. Never having seen one before I asked him to describe it. its a popular northern comfort food from Michigan a fried peanut butter sandwich with toasted Marshmallow fluff. So we went to brewing and came up with our first Sweet Stout sitting at 10% This beer is as dark as it is sweet. a sugar coma and a booze hounds delight. *this was one of our Entries for World beer Cup 2020

Desperado Mexican Lager

A beautiful blend of Pilsner and Veinna malts this mexican lager is crisp clean and refreshing. 4.3% abv


Blue Hefner:

Summer months mean fresh Blueberries. Our House Hefewiezen gets a new look with a nice hazy finish. 5.47% abv


Hoter than Helles:

If you spent a year in South Texas then you understand the name. This bright low abv German Pale Lager will quench your thirst even when your AC up. Prost! 4% abv


Watermelon Shandy

We start out with a wheat beer then mix it with lemonadeand 25 pounds of fresh watermellon. this low ABV beer is great to sip on all afternoon I like to dress the glass with Texas Tajin Chilli powder and a lime. 4.2% abv


Hop Goblin IPA:

Originally Named “Loot the room IPA” we thought that was a little too class C Misdemeanor. We brewed this west coast style 5 Hop IPA. Its a mischievious little pint at 5.96% Great for all you Hop heads looking for a fix stay Green!!! *this was one of our Entries for World beer Cup 2020 Hops: Huell Mellon, Citra, Comet, Mandarina Bavarian, Amarillo


Peach Berliner Weisse:

We start with our Berliner and add peaches straight from Fredricksberg. Need I say more! Mouth puckering goodness!! 4.2% abv

Full Metal Jacket IPA:

Brewed in honor of those who have served. This easy drinking American IPA was our first ever bottled beer. our way of saying Thank You to Our Military, First Responders, Firemen, and Police, Raise em pints High this ones for you! 6.34% abv Hops: Centenial, Citra, Comet


Christmas Coal Texas Imperial Stout:

This high Gravity Stout is dark as Night and has a rich boozy kick we aged the batch with mesquite for a taste you can only find in Texas we ask you “What did you do for your Texas Coal?” T.I.S. the season after all! *this was one of our Entries for World beer Cup 2020 9.77% abv